Anna Florin

A Vampire under Strahd's control


Before her untimely end, Anna was a powerful Vampire caster. She was nearly bested by the Werebear Bunch but ultimately showed herself as an impressive enemy by slaying Kyroth with a single spell, then resurrecting him.


Little is known about Anna’s past before encountering the Werebear Bunch. She was among the lycanthropes that accompanied The Bear and seemed to hold much sway over him, though for what reason is unclear. After nearly perishing at their hands, Anna recruits the Werebear Bunch to help free her from the castle demiplane Strahd von Zarovich has placed her inside by ending her life.

The Werebear Bunch later discovered that Anna Florin was a mere puppet of Strahd’s: a spawn given great powers to manipulate people. Strahd had created her with the idea of bringing a group of adventurers to the demiplane where his beloved, Tatyana Federovna, lay and saving her from these brutes at the last minute in an act that would finally make her fall in love with him. With his plans foiled, Strahd cruelly destroyed Anna.

Anna Florin

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