Prince Derendil

A Quaggoth convinced he's an Elvish prince


Derendil uses all the regular stats of a Quaggoth. Unlike regular Quaggoths, he can understand and speak Elvish in addition to his other languages.


Derendil was one of many prisoners locked away in the Underdark with the Werebear Bunch. He was particularly peculiar for the fact that he was a Quaggoth perfectly capable of walking and talking, albeit only in Elvish, without displaying any of the savagery normally seen in such beasts. After being freed during the break-out from the Drow prison he accompanied the Werebear Bunch, growing attached to Zaradius as the only other member of the group that could speak Elvish.

Derendil claims that he is an Elvish prince from an ancient kingdom. His word and peculiar circumstances have led the Werebear Bunch to believe at the very least that he isn’t lying to them and genuinely believes this, even if it’s not true.

He currently lives in the Werebear Manor.

Prince Derendil

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