Eldeth Feldrun

A Shield Dwarf looking for her home


Eldeth was a 3rd level Shield Dwarf Cleric, worshipping Beronnar. For much of the Underdark adventure she was without her holy symbol and thus unable to cast her spells.


Eldeth was one of the prisoners trapped with the Werebear Bunch in the Underdark. She initially got into a scuffle with another prisoner, an Orc, and was rendered unconscious by his attack. Kyroth took pity on the unconscious Dwarf and carried her with the Werebear Bunch on his back until she awoke. Eldeth directed the party towards Gauntlgrym as a place of sanctuary.

Eldeth split from the group shortly after they arrived on the surface, making her way to Gauntlgrym from their arrival point of Yartar. She has not been encountered since.

Eldeth Feldrun

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