Glimkeq, "The Bear"

A werebear merchant selling dragon eggs


Glimkeq has only fought the party once. He appears to be a run-of-the-mill Werebear, as far as run-of-the-mill Werebears go.


Glimkeq is a large, hairy fellow that is more commonly known as “The Bear.” For years he has been supplying the city of Gracklstugh with dragon eggs so that they might raise new dragons for its forge. However, when one of these eggs hatched into a silver dragon instead of the intended red dragon, the Duergar of Gracklstugh sent the Werebear Bunch to bring The Bear to them personally so that they might punish him for his betrayal: it is this quest that bound them in common purpose on the surface and gave them their name. In Yartar, the party found The Bear at an inn, but found him in the company of other lycanthropes and a woman that would eventually reveal herself to be a vampire.

As the Werebear Bunch travelled to a demiplane to aid this vampire, The Bear and his companions fled, framing the party for the murder of her murder. The last they heard of The Bear’s whereabouts were that he was travelling through The High Forest.

Glimkeq, "The Bear"

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