Kipper Harpell

A foul mouthed wizard


Kipper’s magical skills have never been witnessed directly by the party; however, he has been shown to know a great deal about magical items, and appraised several for the group in the first place. It can also be presumed that the nature of Longsaddle is his doing.


Kipper is a wizard that resides in Longsaddle and is part of the famous Harpell family. He lives in a tall tower at the center of the town, which has succumbed to some form of curse that has left the inhabitants as little more than zombies and skeletons. He appraised a number of magical items that the Werebear Bunch brought to him, becoming interested in an amulet that he felt his colleague, another wizard named Vorprax, might need to see.

Kipper hasn’t been seen since these events, having given the party a warp whistle to head straight to Vorprax in Waterdeep. The Werebear Bunch thinks he may have potential to be one of the new Thirteen Heroes they are trying to assemble.

Kipper Harpell

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