Lormelda Bidderdoo

A strange woman related to the Harpells somehow


Lormelda seems harmless enough but clearly has a great knowledge of magic. She handled the cursed book that seemed to be causing the party troubles with no problem at all.


Lormelda Bidderdoo is the elder of a clan of Elves leaving beneath the earth in the forest area surrounding Longsaddle. In some way or another she seems to be related to Kipper Harpell, but the nature of their relationship isn’t clear. The Werebear Bunch were brought to Lormelda after inadvertantly attacking one of her Elvish subjects, who happened to be a werewolf. She tasked the group with clearing out the nearby Llasari Castle, leading them to accidentally unleash one of the dreaded Demon Lords. Even so she didn’t hold them responsible.

After sending the Werebear Bunch on their way, Lormelda has not been encountered again.

Lormelda Bidderdoo

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