A crazed Drow obsessed with Neverlight Grove


Sarith uses the stats of a regular Drow.


Sarith was one of the prisoners trapped in the Underdark with the Werebear Bunch. He was willing, almost desperately so, to help the Werebear Bunch stage their breakout, and afterwards decided that sticking with them was his best chance at survival. Sarith was obsessed with Neverlight Grove, a location in the Underdark said to house many Myconids. However, his initial suggestions to travel to the Grove soon became mad ramblings, and for the majority of his time with the Werebear Bunch he was knocked out cold and carried on Kyroth’s back.

He was eventually seen as too much of a nuisance and was left at an inn in Gracklstugh shortly before the Werebear Bunch headed to the surface.

He was last seen with a group of Drow patrolling the forests near Silverymoon. Kept in chains, he was killed by a mighty Thunderwave by Zaraddius amongst his peers.


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