The witch matriarch of the manor


Hazel is a witch of considerable magical power. However, her magic is not without limitations: she requires ingredients for many of her spells. Hazel can only ignore these costs by using her “Dark Gifts.” A Dark Gift is infinitely more powerful than anything Hazel could do normally and can be done without ingredients, but it requires a sacrifice of some sort from those who would wish to benefit.

The sacrifices that have been made so far are as follows:

  • Allow Hazel to trim their toenails with her teeth (Ling)
  • Give Hazel exactly one ounce of their skin (Merric)
  • Build a bonfire and burn the large wicker man just outside of the forest (Kyroth)
  • Allow Hazel to dye their hair a colour of her choice, irreversibly (Kyroth)
  • Communicate exclusively through dance (Zaradius)
  • Allow Hazel to remove their thumbnails with her favourite hammer (Xarros)

The services that Hazel can normally provide, and their costs, are as follows:

  • Cure Wounds (1st level) – 10 gp
  • Purify Food and Drink – 10 gp
  • Identify – 20 gp
  • Lesser Restoration – 40 gp
  • Prayer of Healing – 40 gp
  • Remove Curse – 90 gp
  • Speak with Dead – 90 gp
  • Greater Restoration – 450 gp
  • Raise Dead – 1,250 gp

Hazel was first met as an old, blind hag living in Leomund’s Manor. Like most of the inhabitants in the Manor, she had been twisted by the corrupt mind of Ergion, its new sole master now that the other masters had been sealed away. Once Ergion was defeated, Hazel returned to a form that better fit the mindsets of her new masters. Hazel offered her services to the Werebunch almost immediately, eager to aid in the downfall of Ergion.

Hazel is now consistantly happy to offer her magical skills to the party… for a price.


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